CORE 42 Information

CORE 42 Background

Senate Bill 997 established the Higher Education Core Transfer Curriculum Act (Sections 178.785-789 RSMo), which directs the Coordinating Board for Higher Education to develop a standard core transfer curriculum and a common course numbering equivalency matrix for lower-division general education courses.

The core transfer curriculum, known as CORE 42, is a framework for general education that all Missouri public two-and four-year institutions of higher education adopted effective for the 2018-2019 academic year. The goal of the CORE 42 is to facilitate the seamless transfer of academic credits. The completion of the CORE 42 at any public institution of higher education will transfer to every other public institution of higher education in the state and substitute for the receiving institution’s general education requirement.

Individual courses that comprise the CORE 42 are guaranteed to transfer one-to-one among all public (and participating independent) colleges and universities in Missouri.

CORE 42 Knowledge Areas and Distribution Requirements

Core 42

The number of hours listed above only total 37 credit hours. The remaining 5 credit hours may be taken from other MOTR courses, distributed across the knowledge areas.

**Note that the civics requirement in CORE 42 is different from and does not fulfill the requirements of RSMo 170.013, Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination.