Leader in Me is a whole-school transformational process that teaches 21st-century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerments based on the idea that every child can be a leader.

Each month the teachers and students focus on a Habit to learn more about.

September-Habit 1-Be Proactive---This habit focuses on personal responsibility. It helps students to pause before they respond, use proactive language, and focus on their circle of influence.

October-Habit 2-Begin with the End in Mind---This habit focuses on a personal vision. It helps students to create and live by a personal mission.

November-Habit 3-Put First Things First--This habit focuses on personal management. It helps students to focus on their highest priorities and to plan for the week.

December-Habit 4-Think Win Win--This habit focuses on mutual benefit. It talks about building emotional bank accounts with others, have an abundance mentality and to consider other people's win as well as your own.

January-Habit 5-Seek First to Understand and Then to be Understood---This habit focuses on empathic communication. It helps students learn to be empathic listeners and to respectfully seek to be understood.

February-Habit 6-Synergize--This habit focuses on creative cooperation. It helps students to value differences in others and to seek third alternatives to problems.

March-Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw--This habit focuses on daily self-renewal. It helps students to find their daily private victories.

April-Habit 8-Find Your Voice--This habit focuses on students finding their greatness and then helping others to find their greatness.