Walnut Grove R-V School District Health and Wellness Assessment

July 3, 2024

These questions were reviewed by the Health and Wellness Committee to see if any revisions, deletions or substitutions were needed to current policies: 

  1. Are the goals of physical education and nutrition education being met through school and after school curriculum? YES

  2. Is physical and nutritional education available during summer months? NO

  3. Do we feel that the students’ nutritional needs are met through the Food Service Program? YES

  4. Do our students have adequate space, time and an enjoyable climate to eat? YES

  5. Are handouts or flyers available to parents and staff concerning exercise and nutrition? YES

  6. Are developmentally appropriate health related assessments introduced to students to prepare them for future assessments? YES – annual health expo and through physical education assessments

  7. Does the health office send reminders or notices to parents when regular immunizations required by school policy are due? YES

  8. Is the health office aware of resources to recommend to community and school populations? YES

  9. Have health related training been made available to interested health office staff? YES

  10. Are any changes recommended at this time?  Committee members met July 3, 2024. Policy was reviewed and it was decided that no changes are needed at this time. 

Committee Members

Rory Henry - Superintendent

Lexi Medley - School Nurse

Eric Sechler - Physical Education Instructor

Dawna Miller - Food Service Director

Kristie Holman - Parent

Montana McVay - Student